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A long, overdue update.

I almost can’t even believe that December is just a few short days away.  Time grew a huge pair of wings these past few months and is flying at records speeds.  That means that I’ve already been living in Columbus for 4 months.  It literally felt like forever waiting for the move to happen and now here I am, slowing starting to realize I need to start figuring out living/working plans for next summer.

I feel so fortunate that the medications that I am taking for my rheumatoid arthritis are working well. (2.5 mg of methotrexate, 1 mg of folic acid, 200 mg of hydroxychloroquine & vitamin D)  I have not had a flare up in several months!  Every so often I do have pretty sharp but short-lived wrist pains.  I find that when I am writing, the position that my wrist is in causes it to basically freeze up and then the pain follows.  The only way for the pain to subside is to keep moving the wrist even though it hurts SO much when that happens.

I also have been struggling with fatigue.  I assume that since my immune system is fighting itself, that is why I am so tired.  I’m positive many RA warriors are sleepy a lot as well.  I rarely have a day where I am not tired.  I always need a nap and if I don’t get a nap I tend to get a headache.  I had a Dr.’s appointment scheduled for December 17th, but I had to reschedule it for February 11th due to insurance changes.  I also am supposed to have a yearly eye exam, in correlation to the medications I am taking to see if they have had a negative impact on my vision.  That will have to wait as well.

Nannying is going really well.  The kiddos and I have a pretty solid routine!  Routine makes a huge difference when watching young ones, so I’ve learned.  I met a wonderful friend recently who is also a nanny and we are hoping to meet up soon so the kids can meet and have a play date.  This will be a huge help, not to mention that we plan on swapping ideas!  I take advantage of the time when Louie & Annie go down for naps, and take a nap myself, or at least get some reading done or prayer.  I definitely would benefit from having an Ipad, smart phone, or kindle to pass time as well. (wink,wink Santa)

My car decided to rebel against me during October/beginning of November… and long story short I spent nearly $2,000 on it.  It’s been running decent since then, but I still have a tiny fear that something else will go wrong.  Now that Christmas is right around the corner, I am suppressing any stresses of money woes since I have so many people I want to buy for.  I have to keep reminding myself that it’s JUST money and of course I trust that God will take care of my needs!  He always has and always will!

A fun little Thanksgiving craft that Annie(3 yr. old) and I did!

Matt’s sister-in-law, Mary Hartman took this lovely photo of us at our friend’s, Travis and Kristy Ell’s wedding! ( to view her work)

Until next time, start decorating for Christmas!

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Getting closer

There are just twenty one days left until I make the big move!  This in-between waiting period is both speeding by and sluggishly moving along.  To add some excitement, I bought a bright pink ottoman to liven up my new room and I can easily store it because it is collapsible.  I will be posting some pictures once I move in.

I have so much to look forward to, the list is lengthening and I am quite pleased with that.  Matt and I have already discussed having movie nights, bike rides, walks, you know…normal activities that we’ve been deprived of because of distance!  Only living ten minutes away from him is going to seem unreal for quite some time. I am so pleased with my living situation and I am anxious to get to personally know the other gals who I will be sharing the huge house with.

It was a pleasure to celebrate the 4th of July this year with two of my best friend’s, Bre and Cassie.  I am not sure how many more chances we are going to get to spend together once I move, but I plan on visiting “home” when possible.

On June 29th, I had the privilege of attending the wedding of two of my friend’s that I have met through campus fellowship.  They are an incredible couple and I am blessed to know them.  Derrick unfortunately wasn’t around when I had this photo taken, but I was happy to get one taken with the lovely bride, Brittany.  I decided to wear 5 inch heels, I guess I was feeling brave.  Considering I have arthritis, it probably wasn’t the wisest choice, but I only managed to walk away with one blister and zero foot or ankle pain.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was going to be getting a 90 day supply of my medications, however, that did not go as planned.  When I picked up my medications, the pharmacy told me that the insurance I have only covers month by month.  Slightly bumming, considering it was going to make my life a bit easier.  Win some, lose some.

Maybe this isn’t as big of a deal as it seems to me, but after two year’s of sweating and dealing with it, I finally have air conditioning in my car.  I kept putting it off because of cost, but when I took it to the shop, they didn’t have to replace it.  They charged it, which I have had done before, but this time it seemed to have worked.  I am hoping and praying it isn’t a leak, I guess time will tell.

Until next time, get AC in your car, it’s worth the money.

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I think it’s safe to say…I think the medications are working!  Or maybe I’ve just had for the most part, a pain-free past few weeks minus a few exceptions?  Either way, it’s comforting to know that perhaps I’ve finally reached a stage with my RA that proves that it’s under control.  I realize I’m still going to have really icky painful days, those come with the territory, but waking up without pain is honestly a blessing in itself.  Tomorrow, I think I may call my Dr. and ask him if he could refer me to a different rheumy-one that is much closer to the one than I go to now.

On Thursday I was able to do something that I have not done in quite some time that actually didn’t involve large amounts of pain.  Jackie and I were playing with Braden, and we were hiding under blankets to make him giggle.  Hiding under the blanket involves bending your knees and resting your butt on your heels.  In the past, I would cringe with pain because of how stiff and sore my knees would get if I tried to sit like that.  I was so thrilled that I could sit in that position without wanting to cry!  Oh how I appreciate the little things in life.

I had an incredible weekend!  Matt was able to visit, and we had such a joyous time together.  Our weekend consisted of: playing in a worship band for an event on Berg campus, coffee date, shopping, game night, church, talking-and lots of it, and visiting some family.

Until next time, here’s to feeling GOOD!

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