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The culprit

If you were to ask me how I have been feeling over the past weekend, I’d tell you I’ve been miserable.  I woke up Friday morning with a very swollen and stiff right knee.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, I woke up Saturday morning with an even stiffer and more swollen right knee.  This morning I woke up with a swollen knee AND elbows!  What is going on?!

The left leg in this picture, (which is really my right knee) is swollen.

Originally, I was certain that after playing three games of sand volleyball on Thursday evening that I over did it and possibly strained my knee which was causing the swelling.  However, when my elbows were swollen this morning I knew something else had to be the culprit of this major flare up.  I am pretty positive I have finally realized what has been causing me to have such a miserable weekend.  POP.  I’ve had pop three times over the course of four days, which I rarely drink because it’s practically poison for your body.  In the past I remember trying to link a flare up with pop but now I am positive that I do not react well to it.  I don’t really like it anyways, so I don’t have a single problem giving up pop FOREVER, especially when I feel this miserable when I drink it.  Each person with arthritis has different sources of flare ups, so pop may not affect you personally if you suffer from arthritis.

Until next time, avoid pop at all costs.


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