Daily Archives: March 3, 2012

The little listener

A few weeks back, I noticed a container full of fun play necklaces sitting in the basement.  So, I decided to put them on Braden and in return teach him how to put them on me.  Now, every time he goes into the basement to play, he always points to the container and we go through each necklace and he will put one on me, then one on himself.  It’s amazing how he remembers little details.  (Braden is my nephew).  This past week, he had the entire “little people” and “tonka trunks” scattered on the ground and my dad told Braden that we had to put some of them away.  Braden understood the request as putting ALL the toys away.  After putting the toys into the bin, he picked up the tonka trunks-which are quite heavy, and carried them into the room and proceeded to lift them and put them away by himself.  We didn’t even tell him to do that.  It was heart melting watching him do such a simple task.  He’s such a good listener and cleaner-upper.

One last story.  Thursday evening I wasn’t feeling all that well, so mom was rubbing my back.  Then Braden walked over and started copying my mom by rubbing my back too.  Can he get any cuter!?


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