Experimental snacking

28 Feb

Yesterday, my mother came home after grocery shopping with a few snacks for me to try that are supposed to help with lowering inflammation levels.  The snacks consisted of dried cherries and cranberry butter biscuits.  Normally, the foods that are GOOD for you tend to be not-so-tasty.  I learned that when I popped a whole fig into my mouth and chewed proudly the other day only to realize it was a very bad life decision.  I still get nauseous thinking about eating a fig-I apologize if you are a fig eating lover-definitely not me.  However I must say, I was pleasantly surprised today while at work when I tried the cranberry butter biscuits.  The sugars aren’t too bad, but could be much better, totaling 10g for 5 biscuits I do believe.  I also enjoy oranges-again, it has been said that they could help lower inflammation levels.  It’s very hard to find accurate food information because it seems that one article claims one thing, while another article has a completely different opinion on that food.  I suppose the only way to truly find out if it works is to try it for a certain length of time and see if I can notice a difference. I’m always in the market for new, healthy snacks and meals that have benefits for RA sufferers.  If you know of any recipes, please send them to me.

Until next time, keep eating healthy snacks.

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One response to “Experimental snacking

  1. Mady

    March 2, 2012 at 10:05 PM

    good to hear you may have found some foods that will help!


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