talent and love is in the air.

14 Feb

Last year, on Valentine’s Day, about 3-4ish in the afternoon I was hiding in my bathroom, convinced a “killer” was in my house.  I literally climbed out of my bathroom window to escape.  No really, this is a true story, except in the end the noises I heard turned out to be the bathroom door (wood) expanding after I showered.  Oh a day in the life of Becca.  This year though, I was blessed with a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers, delivered, with a cute note attached from Matt.  I’d say this year was more enjoyable by a ton.  However, last Valentine’s Day also happened to be the same day I had my first conversation with Matt, the night I actually met him…at McDonald’s…explaining the above story in detail.  He laughed and thought I was silly.  Good thing he didn’t think I was a lunatic.

This past weekend, Matt took me to see Aaron Gillespie sing(I mentioned this in my previous post).  We had a PERFECT night, worshiping and enjoying true talent.  There were only about 150 of us at the concert, so we had a chance to actually meet Aaron.  He couldn’t talk for to long since he had a flight to catch and because there were fans behind us waiting, but he was very kind and was more than willing to take a picture with us.

Whenever I have lots of plans, even remembering that I have RA seems to fade into the corner of my mind.  I don’t feel much pain when I am so happy with things to do.  Of course there are pains though.  Just last night, randomly my left elbow started to ache.  I was trying to bend and lift my arm and it would lock up and get stiff.  Today it seems to have gotten better.  It’s a constant roller coaster, up and down, never knowing when the next drop off hill of pain is going to attack.

I’ve really enjoyed the large amount of encouragement I have received from many of you because I am blogging.  I apologize that it’s been a little while since I’ve posted, I promise it’s only because I have been busy with many plans.


(THANK YOU FOR THE FLOWERS MATT!) Aren’t they gorgeous!?

Just for your information, there are only 34 days left until Spring officially starts.  The amount of giddiness I have is building because I miss seeing the sunshine and sitting outside reading!  Unfortunately, because of the medication I am on called methotrexate, I have to lather on plenty of sunscreen because I will most likely have skin sensitivity to the sun.  I used to love to lay out in my back yard and attempt to get tan-never worked because of how pathetically pale I am.  But, I can’t do that anymore…truly bums me out.

In my previous post, I featured Greg & Mary Hartman’s websites and since I know plenty of talented people, I will feature my brother Doug in this post.  Doug is 25 and he just recently moved to L.A. and lives with our older brother Ted.  Doug’s painting skills blow my mind.  I truly believe that once he gets connected with the right individuals and continues to network, he will go very far.  He would like to collaborate with Ted, because Ted is immensely artistically talented as well.  I’m telling you, everyone in my family has that talent EXCEPT me!  I know he would appreciate it if any of you would like something painted, he’s always looking for commission work(I do believe that is what it is called).

Lastly, also on the last post, I showed a preview of what my DIY Valentine’s Day gift was for Matt.  Well…TA DA…here is the final result.  He really liked it!!

Until next time, keep jumping out of bathroom windows?


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6 responses to “talent and love is in the air.

  1. Kelley

    February 14, 2012 at 11:35 PM

    Hee hee, I remember you telling me that story. Never change, Becca!

    • beccadistel

      February 15, 2012 at 9:15 AM

      Such a classic, isn’t it. Have a nice weekend at the beach!

  2. cestlavie22

    February 15, 2012 at 9:46 AM

    First off can I tell you how absolutely hilarious I find it that we posted the same craft! I love the way yours came out by the way! Sounds like you had an awesome Valentines which is good to hear!

    Sadly this Valentines I worked both jobs so we are going out Thurs night to celebrate but I did come home to flowers, strawberries with melted chocolate and whip cream, chocolates and a few of my favorite movies 🙂

    • beccadistel

      February 15, 2012 at 9:56 AM

      It was such a fun idea and very personal and thoughtful. Thank you! I really did enjoy the day!

      So sorry to hear that you weren’t able to celebrate yesterday but I am glad you got all of those goodies and that you get to go out on Thursday! Have a ton of fun!

  3. Ashley

    February 15, 2012 at 5:38 PM

    I enjoy reading your posts, I’m trying to learn about what I may have to go through in the future. I was told my senior year of high school that I was most likely going to have arthritis by the age of 30 from the swimming for so many years and from the other sports I did while growing up which were soccer, softball, and volleyball. I might not be diagnosed at all with it but it still sits in the back of my mind. Stay strong and keep it up!!

    I also have scoliosis which will bother me sometimes and not bother me at all other times so I can relate a little bit when you mention you have an ache that lasts for a day and goes away, my back does the same. I know scoliosis and RA are not the same thing at all but I do have my good and bad days like you do, hopefully your future is filled with more good days than bad!!

    • beccadistel

      February 15, 2012 at 5:50 PM

      Thanks for your support Ashley! Wow, yeah, each case of RA is always different in terms of how it affects the person but there is an underlying understanding of the pain and soreness. I sure hope you breeze right past all of the tests and don’t end up having it at all. I will do my best to stay strong, I depend on God for all that strength that’s for sure.

      I did not know you had scoliosis. So yes, you def. knows what it feels like to have a bad day with painful joints and muscles. Thanks so much, and same to you!


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