31 Jan

For those of you who are following the story of my brother Brad who has Lupus:  I talked to Brad today, he says that there is potential he will be released tomorrow. I pray that is the case, he’s been in the hospital since the 16th I do believe.  He said the medication he is on for his heart has kept his heart rate down and that he isn’t experiencing soreness like he was.  I am anxious about tomorrow, let’s hope he will get the “okay” and will finally get to come home!  Every Monday Braden goes to swim lessons at the YMCA, but because Brad and Lindsey are in Cleveland, Braden has missed two lessons.  So, last night Jackie and I, along with Lindsey’s mother Becky decided to take him, and I got to watch Braden at his swimming lesson!  Jackie went in with him and it was so darling watching him splash and kick in the water.  Not to mention he was super cute in his itty bitty swim trunks.

On Sunday after taking all six pills, (Sunday was the day I chose to take the four methotrexate’s along with folic acid and plaquenil) I noticed a headache and it’s continued to linger as I type this.  It’s not the kind of headache that is overwhelming, but it is annoying at times.  I am assuming it is from my medication, I haven’t checked to see if a headache is a possible side effect, though it seems like a headache is a side effect for everything.  I’ve been feeling pretty good, though my right wrist has been bothering me on and off.  While I was at WinterJam- a concert I mentioned in my previous post, I squeezed my wrist cause it was hurting and a sharp pain lasted for about 20 seconds that I’ve never had before.  Luckily I haven’t had that pain since, but it sort of frightened me.  However, today my wrist is bothering me again, it’s unfortunate that I lost the cartilage due to damage.

In order to stay fit and limber, I want to start working out.  With Brad being in the hospital, I haven’t really found much time since I help babysit Braden almost everyday.  Lucky for me, my best friend Bre offered to take me as her guest to the YMCA and I am looking forward to going later this week.  I’ve been told that walking and yoga are beneficial as well.

If Brad is released tomorrow I will definitely post & I promise it will be a celebration!  Keep smiling!

Romans 12:12

“Be glad for all God is planning for you.  Be patient in trouble, and always be prayerful.” (NLT)

*a few pictures of my hands taken today 1-31-12


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2 responses to “Hands

  1. mkrawr

    February 1, 2012 at 12:39 AM

    I really hope its good news for your brother today! And hopefully that headache starts to fade, like you said headaches do seem to be a side effect of just about everything!!
    It’s a shame your wrist is still bothering you 😦 maybe you just squeezed something the wrong way when you had that sharp pain, I have experienced the odd sharp pain like you described here and there during flare-ups in several of my worse affected joints… not whole lot but here and there, and not brought on by any touch or movement either, something i plan to ask my specialist about when the time finally rolls around!
    All the best ’til next time 🙂

    • beccadistel

      February 1, 2012 at 12:20 PM

      Brad wasn’t allowed to leave, again. He is having a CAT scan done on his stomach now to see if he’s anemic. Hmm, I guess squeezing my wrist isn’t the best idea for subsiding the pain, and since you know what I’m talking about, then you definitely realize how painful that is. Let me know what your specialist says! Yes, you too, until next time 🙂


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