I am able

26 Jan

Since I will not be home over the weekend, I decided that I wanted to do a short update!

First, overall, I have had a good week with my RA!  I have only had minor pains here and there, but other than a swollen knee on Sunday, I can’t complain and I couldn’t be more pleased.  There are times when the fact that I have RA slips my mind, as if I don’t even have it.  I feel very fortunate that I am able to complete everyday tasks without pain, unlike so many other sufferers.  To be honest, the little things that I can accomplish make my day more joyous.  For instance, I am able to open a new jar of pickles, yes I know this sounds silly, but with my damaged wrist it challenges me to get jars and bottles open.  I am able to lift Braden, I just have to be careful to not let my right wrist take the brunt of his weight.  I am able to walk around a store without having to fret over sore knees.  In 2010, that would have been a different story, but now, I am able, I can, I will!

Brad is STILL at the Cleveland Clinic, it has been something like two weeks since his arrival.  He was moved out of ICU today and has a physical therapist helping him gain strength.  We all are hoping for the best and that perhaps he could even be released this weekend, but we will just have to wait it out.  He’s such a strong man, and I can’t wait until he gets to sleep in his own bed, eat a home cooked meal, and relax at his home.  It’s been way to long, it’s time he gets better, RIGHT!

I have a fun weekend planned, and it involves Columbus!  I leave tomorrow afternoon and will be staying with some dear friends.  I also will be attending Winter Jam on Saturday night, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I love going to concerts and the thrill it offers.  Here’s the website in case you are curious as to who is playing and what it’s all about! —> Oh, and I just so happen to be the lucky one who gets to spend an entire weekend with Matt!! (This is a big deal considering we’re in a long distance relationship).

I am very happy that I’ve discovered the wonderful world of blogging, and I am not quite sure how I’ve gone so long without it!  It is so incredibly fun and I find it relaxing and helpful.  I hope the next time I post, it will be that Brad has been released.  But, until next time, keep praying & stay encouraged.

*kudos to pinterest for the image


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2 responses to “I am able

  1. collegegirlcooking

    January 27, 2012 at 9:34 AM

    Enjoy your time with your boyfriend! Darren and I are doing the long distance thing as well, so I know how precious spending time together is!!

    • beccadistel

      January 27, 2012 at 12:02 PM

      Thank you, I most certainly will, though I dread how quickly the time will go by. Ah, yes so you definitely understand then. It’s so worth it though, I hope you get to see Darren soon!


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